in case you want to say anything to me or if you want my kik/skype/whatever here’s my sister’s blog, you can ask her off anon if you want but please be nice to her

if she receives any message asking why i deleted i’ll hire an assassin and you WILL DIE

no but seriously don’t

i’ve answered that question like a million times in the last two weeks but if you missed it and if you wanna know it’s simple basically i got tired of tumblr i didn’t really talk to anyone anymore and i was just wasting my time

alright thats it have a lovely day!!

oh btw if you want the urls whoisraytoro, ierosuniverse or leathermoth just tell my sister, she’ll let me know and i’ll probs unhoard it for you (i can’t give you the url gerbertmccracken because someone was smart and hoarded it already) i’m just hoarding the urls i used so you’re free to use the rest of my hoarded urls if you’re interested